Turabian Structure Fast Guide. Test Paper in notes-bibliography for several pupils

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Effective during the summer, all programs of research (including both Divinity and studies that are non-Divinity will now make use of one collection of formatting resources. Split templates are supplied for projects that don’t require subheadings (in many cases, documents with significantly less than ten pages within the human anatomy), also the ones that do need subheadings (suitable for many papers with over ten pages in the human body, and needed in papers with over twenty pages in the human body). Pupils will utilize and stick to the respective template predicated on their particular assignment’s needs.

Turabian Template for assignments without any headings

Turabian Template for assignments WITH headings

Go to the Chicago Manual of Style database in Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Library by logging in and selecting that database (look for database by title, then “C,” and “Chicago handbook of Style).

Helpful Resources

Turabian Chart of Citations

Turabian Bibliography of Reference Examples

Turabian Annotated Bibliography Test

Sacred Book Guide List

Capitalization Glossary

Movie Tutorial links (these will undoubtedly be updated but they are supplied right right here since some pupils nevertheless locate them of good use; follow unified pagination guidelines)

Notes-Bibliography Citation Style

  • Utilized in all programs of research utilizing format that is turabianexcept guide reviews, designed to use Author-Date structure).
  • Footnotes would be the method that is preferred suggest in-text citations throughout this structure. Liberty University will not allow endnotes.
  • A bibliography is employed to compile sources in a single list during the end of this paper.

Author-Date citation style

  • Only allowed for book review projects at Liberty University.
  • Test paper in Author-Date format for guide review projects just.
  • Chart of Citations in Author-Date format for guide reviews just.
  • Keep in mind that the menu of compiled resources cited in author-date structure is en en titled sources (in place of Bibliography).


  • Utilize one-inch margins on all edges.
  • The favored font/size get a russian bride is circumstances brand brand New Roman, 12 pt.
  • Indent all paragraphs within the human body associated with paper ½”.
  • Double-space the whole paper, except block quotes, footnotes, bibliography entries, guide listings, table games, and figure captions. Those elements ought to be single-spaced, with one additional line that is blank to split up them off their elements.


  • The paper must be printed in the person that is 3rdhe, she, it) with an energetic vocals, instead of passive vocals.
  • Unless a teacher especially requests a paper in first individual (I, me personally, we, us, our) or 2nd person (you, your) language, avoid these in a paper.
  • Be particular and succinct.
  • In historic writing, use simple past tense verbs. Whenever talking about an author’s written work, make use of the current tense.
  • We now have a split web page with visuals aimed at understanding and formatting headings. Remember that Turabian requires extra spacing before each going level, which will be currently programmed in to the templates.
  • Headline instance = all significant terms, frequently people that have 4+ letters, should be capitalized. Utilize headline instance for games of works; names of journals; and first-, second-, and third-level headings.
  • Sentence situation = just the very very first page of this very first term, appropriate nouns, while the term adhering to a colon, if any, has to start with money letters. Utilize phrase case for 4th- and headings that are fifth-level.
  • Include quote markings all over games of shorter works (in other words., articles or poems); usage italics for the true names of bigger works (i.e., publications or performs).

Title Page

  • Liberty University now uses one title that is universal structure for many programs and amounts of research
  • Test name web web page (see additionally templates)


  • The name web web page is theoretically web page one, nonetheless it never ever has a full page quantity
  • Pagination for the fore matter, if any (like the dining dining dining dining table of articles), uses lowercase Roman numerals (i, ii), when you look at the center base regarding the web page. Start with ii, to take into account the name web web page position.
  • Your body for the paper for many Liberty University classes utilizes Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3) within the corner that is top-right. It starts with web web web page 1.
  • Start to see the pagination video clip guide.